Bottle Service/Table Reservations

V5 Group manages our bottle reservations. No, a deposit is NOT required for a table reservation. However, all reservations are asked to arrive prior to reservation. V5 reserves the right to let go of any table reservation if party is either later or a no-show.

No. In order to get bottle service you need a table, and in order to get a table you need to meet the minimum bottle amount for your desired section.

For Birthday Reservations you can reserve through V5 here:

Reserve Here

For Thursday Reservations you can reserve through here:

Reserve Here

For Friday Reservations you can reserve through here:

Reserve Here

For Saturday Reservations you can reserve through here:

Reserve Here

Sure, absolutely! You know where you want to go, when you want to go, now you just want to reserve your celebration/night.

Click here to go to a list of all upcoming V5 events.

From there, select the event you'd like to attend.

Once within your selected event, click on the "Book a Table" button. (* If there isn't a Book a Table button, then this event is either sold out or tables are on a first-come first-served basis).

Follow the table reservation form instructions and submit your reservation.

If successful, you will receive both a success page and a confirmation notification email from V5 Group.

Once this is all complete, your celebration reservation is confirmed and booked.

* A V5 representative may or may not contact you regarding your reservation. If any further questions, please feel free to Text or call 773.561.9111. or email

Cutting of the line is not guaranteed. Please do your best to always arrive a bit earlier than your designated reservation time.

Please have your reservation confirmation at hand when informing the doorman.

A bottle/table reservation DOES NOT include your cover cost. 

Mine Music Hall Events + Guidelines

No you cannot attend events at The Mine Music Hall. The Mine Music Hall is 21+.

Dress To Impress

  • No Tank Tops
  • No Sleeveless T-Shirts
  • No Plain White T-Shirts
  • No Shorts
  • No Sweatpants 
  • No Excessively Baggy Clothes
  • No Sandals
  • No Flip Flops
  • No Dirty Athletic Sneakers
  • No Flats (Ladies)
  • No Beach Attire
  • No Extra Baggy Tee's
  • No Jerseys Or Athletic Wear
  • No Big Chains
  • No Hats
  • No neck/Gang affiliated tattoos allowed

We encourage everyone to download the SpotHero and/or ParqEx App(s).

Street parking for most venues is also an option.

Here is a list of all accepted forms of ID for entry.

* A valid, current driver's license issued by the Illinois Secretary of State Office or any other state.

* A valid photo identification card issued by the Illinois Secretary of State Office or any other state.

* Armed Forces Identification.

* A valid U.S. Passport or travel visa/passport issued by a foreign country containing the holder’s photograph.

Contact Us / Support / Jobs

We're always looking to hire responsible, inspired, self-motivated, professional & trend-setting individuals to join our Mine Music Hall.



So you went through the entire site, read all the Frequently asked questions and you're still having issues finding an event or booking one.

We're here to help. You can either - CHAT with us (recommended), call the Mine (312) 491-8600, or V5 regarding events 1-773-561-9111

or you can email us directly at -

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